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  • You believe that "build it and they will come" is excellent marketing advice;


  • You believe that you can sustain your business on referrals alone;


  • You like to spend your days moaning and complaining about how unfair life is;


  • You aren’t ready to stand out as an EXPERT in under 3 months;

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But if you are a committed alternative health entrepeneur

determined to heal individuals from the inside out


And you want to FINALLY stop listening to the all the useless free advice about marketing and actually work with someone who's been in the health business and knows what works to get permanent results...


Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.






The Influencer package is for someone who is ready to SHINE and STAND OUT in the crowded health market

  • >80% online practitioner (OR this is where you want to get to)

  • Practice FM, NP, or holistic medicine

  • You have a growth mindset

  • You’re already consistent w/your social media content

  • You’re SM isn’t working for you...and you don’t know why

  • Struggle to find the time

  • You NEED to outsource social media to an expert so you can focus your time and energy on growing your biz, connecting with clients, and create content

  • You still WANT to instill your VOICE into the messaging

  • You consistently invest in your business (because you know this is the way to grow)

  • You make consistent income in your biz BUT know you can make more if you outsource tasks (like SM)

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What's included

in the influencer package?

7 posts week cross posted on IG and FB

==>>Why 7 posts / week?


This allows you to be seen as active and visible on social media platforms which plays a huge KEY of success (ahem...algorithms) and allows you to touch your audience more often


[it takes an average of 7 times for a customer to see you before they will buy from you...and usually people don’t see every post that you put out...unless they’re TRUE fans...and then they want everything they can get from you ;)]


$75 boosting credit per month

==>>What’s boosting credit?


Boosting credit turns your normal organic posts into “ads” so you can reach more people.


==>>WHY is this essential?


To get you front of NEW people faster (also FB/IG “rewards” you for spending with them so even your 100% organic posts reach more people).


This is built into your package so that you don’t have to worry about taking the time to manage / boost content. We analyze to see which of your posts are performing well and give them a few $$ boost to maximize your impact.


90 researched hashtags

==>>WHY hashtags (and why 60??)?


Hashtags are a key way to reach more people...if you’re using them correctly. If you’re using too large or too small of hashtags, they won’t work for you.

And the more researched hashtags you have, the better (I actually suggest ~150). It allows you to cycle through your hashtags to reach even MORE people.


We take the guesswork out for you so that you are consistently getting your posts in front of your ideal client by researching 60 hashtags to rotate through on your posts.


6 hrs of interaction / month on IG

==>>WHY do you need interaction included in a package?


We actively engage and interact with your future clients because this is the # 2 thing (creating engaging content is # 1) you must do.


If you’re only passively liking posts of the people you follow,

your following is going to grow slowly (and we don’t want that).


PLUS I’ll also give you strategies (the EXACT same we use) to maximize the impact of your time if you want to interact as well.


In addition, all management packages have:

  • Live/story strategy planning

  • Custom images/graphics

  • Monthly strategy calendar



and it will sell quickly!

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And to begin with, wouldn’t you rather have someone who’s...


  • Worked as an office manager and health coach in a start-up functional medicine clinic

  • Worked in the clinical services department at Dr. Tom O'Bryan’s

  • Certified as a Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Health Coach

  • Taken multiple courses on persuasion, online marketing and sales techniques

  • Read (and continuously reading) books on human psychology, sales techniques, and functional medicine (7500+ hours (and adding at least 2 hours to that daily))

  • Graduated in a degree (Community Health) that’s deeply rooted in how to change and write to get someone to change in regards to their health

  • Turned down a position at FPC (Freedom Practice Coaching)

  • Dedicated time to understand all the updates and algorithms and (what actually works on SM) from trusted sources


...To take care of your social media needs rather than throwing out strategies and content, just hoping something will stick and connect?


I have worked with Functional Medicine (and other alternative) providers to help them go from being paralyzed and too self critical to post anything *substantial* to increasing the number of discovery calls (aka free consultations) per week by 100% (even during a holiday season, when people REALLLLLLY don’t wanna change).


I started this business because I was sick & tired of seeing health entrepeneurs, playing small and struggling to attract new clients despite being incredibly passionate, changing lives dramatically and having YEARS of education (as if all of that means nothing).


I wanted to let YOU know that there is an option out there for you…

your solution

your salvation

and your chance to forever say TCHAU (pronounced: chow) to enduring the fatigue, struggle, and misery of building your cash-based practice.


So that you can *finally* enjoy the day-to-day process of your business, changing lives, AND attract ideal clients that makes your heart sing (without spending all your time on your phone or computer)!


Take my client Lacey for example and see what she has to say about working together for a social media management:


"I have to preface this testimonial with I have only been working with Melanie for just about 4 weeks. However in that time I have:
1. I gained approximately 150 new followers on IG and went from I think all of 9 likes on FB to 96.
2. I had my first invitation to be interviewed by a colleague in the UK who herself has well over 110K followers herself on FB and 1,500 on IG and a very lucrative nutrition business. Upon advertising to others I was doing this interview, I received my second interview for a podcast, with a very well known public figure in the Washington, DC area, and that is scheduled for mid March. I'd like to note, I've been doing this work for several years and never once have I had these sorts of opportunities.
3. I have increased the number of free initial consults I have per week by an average of 100% in the last 4 weeks, and mind you this has been during the holiday season, when most people are no hold bar on their diets.
4. My website has had a huge increase in traffic! Unique visitors is up 803%, Visitors are up 659%, and page views are up 603%!
I've  known for a long time I needed to embrace social media to grow my business and stop relying solely on the kindness of clinicians for my referrals, especially with a desire to create services and products and varying levels, but I had such fear of getting started.
I was frozen in my tracks, too self critical to allow myself to publish anything.
When I had my exploration conversation with her to see if we were a good match, I was sold immediately.
She got me.

I could feel through the computer screen that she had the same passion for the work of FM as I do and that desire to educate the world.

I knew she would help relate my message and hold me accountable.
I knew she'd be a supportive cheerleader and sounding board when I need advice.

Melanie is an invaluable resource

and I could not be happier I have chosen to hire her for my SM marketing needs.

Melanie has taught me through this process that taking myself more seriously others will as well.


Thank you Melanie and the FUNCTIONAL MEDIA team!"

The Influencer Package could be for you.

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Ready to change lives?

Ready to value your time?

BOOK A FREE INTROductory call to see if you’re a good candidate for this program.

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Why must you apply?

Since we’ll be working closely together,

I MUST know if we connect (otherwise, it won’t be fun for either one of us)


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I Fear that it won’t sound like me or be authentic / SM is too personal -- why a company?

I work closely with my clients so that I use their voice when writing posts for them. How? I give you prompts to free-write about, gather articles / blogs you’ve previously have written, and you ALWAYS have the final say before something is posted.

I also sit down with you for a deep-dive session when we initially start collaborating so that I can fully understand your take on health. For example, I would get your take on...

  • Hate juicing? Love juicing?

  • “Typical” nutrition protocol

  • How you work with clients

  • Thoughts on exercise

    • PLUS specifics on your specialty….so I’m not pumping out generic alternative health advice (that other content management companies do)...

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I Don’t know how social media management works...

HOW does social media management actually work? It works slightly different from person to person / agency to agency, BUT here’s my process:

Step1:  Initial consultation: to see if we’re a good fit for each other. I love working with clients I connect with on a deeper level since we get to know each other so well

Step 2: You sign up for the package that suits your level.

Step 3: You schedule a 3 hour deep dive that takes place over a video call so that I get to know how you work with clients, what your speciality is, thoughts on health, PLUS to set up 6 months worth of strategy (tentative it can always change as you change ;) )

Step 4: After the deep-dive,

  • I take the first month’s strategy and create a weeks worth of posts (writing + pictures) for you to review.

  • Set up any tech (becoming a manager for FB, IG - setting up autoschedulers, Link in bio, etc)

  • You make any comments / edits to the posts if needed

  • I make revisions + schedule for you

  • After I get a feel for your style (after the revisions/corrections) I create the rest of the month for you to reivew.

Step 5: About 1-2 times / month I check in with you to…

  • Get photos if needed

  • Just see how things are going, I like talking about life with my clients :)

  • See if there are any changes that I need to make (ie you’re going to be featured on a podcast)


During a normal week…

  • I’ll boost posts that are doing well

  • Interact M-F for you

  • I can answer / respond to comments...HOWEVER…

  • I find that it usually works best if you pop in once/day to see if there are any new comments because it’s often a pretty specific health question about what YOU think. I can respond generically, but you create a better connection by answering with specific responses.

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I haven’t had any previous results with social media (doing it myself) so why would I invest in social media?

Let’s analyze and see WHY you haven’t had any success…

  • Were you….

    • Creating intentional cohesive weekly / monthly strategies? Or simply throwing things up hoping they would connect with someone?

    • Strategically rotating through different types of posts? OR Creating the SAME types of posts?

    • Strategically using CTA’s or selling? OR Always or never selling/using CTA’s?

  • For example, it’s just like your patients:

    • They come in to see you and say they’ve tried every single diet out there but they still aren’t seeing results so WHY should they come to see you?

    • You know there’s WAY more to success than simply following a fad diet. It’s important for them to work with a professional (YOU) to find what works for them and to create a personalized strategy.

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Doctors shouldn't be personal --- so why should I be personable online (or I don’t want my picture online)…

  • Ultimately the reason why someone wants to work with you is because of YOU.

  • People want to see the real YOU, the behind the scenes you.

  • Are you walking the talk? How do you implement the lifestyle you promote in your own life? <<== This is KEY

  • What struggles do you deal with? People relate to vulnerability rather than perfection. Have you gone through your own personal health struggle? If so, clients know that you get them when they are going through something similar.

  • Photos - people relate to photos better, they like to see your beautiful face. They also do WAY better for engagement rather than a stock or Canva edited picture. They don’t have to be professional either. Next time your out and about on a family weekend adventure, take a few candid snaps or pose by yourself :)

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I don’t have many followers right now...does it make sense to invest?

First you have to ask yourself, WHY don’t I have followers?

  • Are you interacting with your current followers? Are you interacting with potentially new followers? Are you passively interacting? Or actively interacting?

    • Are you posting interesting and relevant content that your ideal patients WANT to read? Or are you only posting things that sound interesting for you?

  • Second, the point of investing in social media management or consulting is to INCREASE your following. So if you’re struggling to get new followers or don’t have many followers right now, WHY would you wait?

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Do I really NEED to post every day (or several times / week)?

Why can’t I post 1/week

First this is BAD for algorithms. It’s basically signaling to FB/IG that you’re not really interested in social media. You aren’t an active user, so they don’t think what you have to say is as relevant or as exciting as someone who strategically posts interesting content every day.

It’s also signaling a subconscious message to your new potential clients that you’re not taking your biz seriously if you’re not posting consistently (sad but true). Are you really wanting to take your business serious? OR is it just a hobby for you?

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Isn’t FB marketing dead


If you were a smart business owner (in FB’s shoes), wouldn’t you want businesses to pay for advertising??? I know I would, that’s why I don’t mind.

Right now we’re in the FREEBIE era where we want everything to be free, including FREE exposure and marketing…

Even boosting 3-4 posts a week for 3 dollars each (at most that’s 12/week or <$50 / month…) will do wonders for you. [THIS is why we include boosting credit in our packages]

If you want to stand out and be heard from all the other noise on FB, why wouldn’t you want to boost your posts?

PS. Facebook is like your second website. People stalk you there before they invest in you or your programs. You want to have a good image there right?

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Does social media work for Brick AND Mortar

Yes. your FB page is like a 2nd website. We can boost posts to target people in your local area.

Is it going to be MORE work for me?

Initially there’s an investment in time ~5 hours, but after that, it’s perhaps 1-2 hours [at the most] every month AND that’s it.

And the time you do’s easy! It may be time spent journaling an a few questions I give you and/or quickly reviewing posts I created for you.

I’ll also encourage you to share stories on your IG / FB of your daily life…(aka the behind the scenes view).

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How soon can I expect to start getting a return on my investment?

On average, especially if you haven’t been nurturing your online image, you can expect to see returns in 3 months. However, some of my clients see large returns after only a month.

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