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Can I share an embarrassing story with you?

One that I’m still slightly mortified of today...

So here’s how it unfolds…

One fine sunny day, during college, I was walking across campus to get to my next class.

I was enjoying the warm breeze, the sun on my face, and the fact that this was the first time I’d been able to wear a summer dress in several months (one of the downsides of going to school in MT).

As I was approaching my classroom (after about 15 minutes of walking) I heard someone rushing up behind me.

As I turned to see, an elderly man in his 60’s pulled me aside and whispered in my ear the most embarrassing words that caused my face to instantly go beet red…

”Honey, your butt is hanging out -- your dress is hooked on your backpack .”

[Let’s just say I wasn’t wearing appropriate undergarments for an occasion such as this.]

AND instantly my mind raced thinking of WHO could have seen me...

My cute crush??
All my classmates in my degree??
My professors??

And YET no one but that elderly man said something to me (bless him, it must have been equally embarrassing for him).

You see, I was so caught up in enjoying the first sunny day of spring, I didn’t notice something that was VERY wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.

Sometimes we become so caught up in our lives, our business, and apparently fine sunny days that we can’t see what’s wrong -- we need an outside perspective. 

And that’s why having an expert’s birds eye view of your online marketing strategy could give your social media the whisper in your ear that tells you how to fix your...erhm… situation. Kinda like that old man did to me...but WAYYYY less embarrassing. 

Think of me as your good friend who’s giving you some well needed advice that maybe those people that care about you OR your followers OR the people who glance at your profile and turn away, don’t tell you. 

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That's why I am Offering my Get clear consulting package



-> To dive deep


-> to Give you needed advice


and give your Social Media a one and done overhaul!

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- 2 hours of one-on-one with me


-3 months of strategy planned out


- A detailed analysis report of your social media + tips (w/steps) on how to improve


- A list of actionable next steps so you don’t leave the meeting with no idea where to start


- Find out your core messaging and what makes you stand out


- Check-ins by email 1x/week for a month

BONUS: access to course SHORTCUT your SOCIAL MEDIA e-course ($97)

(In this course, I show you all my tips, tricks, and hacks to make sure my social media isn’t taking over my life and business.

So that you can take what you learn during our deep-dive and save yourself hours on implementation. )



AND who knows...

you could be getting the same (if not better) results that my client Lacey got only after ONE MONTH of our get clear session:

1.  150 new followers on IG and went from 9 to 96 likes on FB.

2. TWO invitations to be be interviewed by two influential people (think: 110K followers on FB…). She’d been doing this work for several years and never once had these sorts of opportunities! (plus a few more in the works after she gave this testimonial)

3. Increased the number of free initial consults per week by an average of 100% (during the holiday season, when most people are no hold bar on their diets.)

4. Massively increased website traffic! Unique visitors up 803%, Visitors up 659%, and page views up 603%!


OR YOU COULD BE MESSAGING ME WHAT MY CLIENT KELLI sent me 2 weeks after our get clear...


"I wasn't sure if working with Melanie was going to be something I would get a ton of value from because
I am a brand strategist and copywriter, 
I figured I shouldn't need loads of help because:
  • I know what to write,
  • I know what pictures to post,
  • I know my brand's mission and clients,
  • I know about hashtags,
buuut my numbers were not reflecting the success I was hoping for. 
I brought in Melanie to help me see what I was missing. 
And Lawd did she ever.  I now know why I was not gaining the gains I assumed just came with sharing quality content and throwing up a few well researched hashtags.
There's more strategy involved than I realized (obviously) and there's a lot of holes that need to be filled if Instagram and Facebook are going to be the amazing resources they can be. 
But the good news, these are not difficult holes to fill, so once Melanie showed me the way, I now have the tools to fix what's broken in my social media endeavors. 
I now feel like I have a system and organization to getting my posts to reach a bigger audience and I have more ideas on what to share, which makes everything SO much easier. 
I definitely am getting to the point of liking Social Media, which is no small feat."


Are you ready to see these types of results NEXT month?


Are you ready to Message me that too?


Just think of where you could be by the end of 2018 if you take action NOW.


take action!


Step 1: Click HERE, to make your investment of $497.

Step 2: Schedule a time that works well for you (you don’t even have to worry about messy time zone issues!).

Step 3: Fill out the intake form in the confirmation email at least 48 hours in advance of your appt (so I can create your customized in-depth report).

Step 4: Show up at the scheduled time to get honest professional feedback on your online presence.



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