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Being a social media expert & a functional medicine nerd means I look at A LOT of functional medicine expert’s social media accounts..


and what I see isn’t good.


So here are the top mistakes I see functional medicine experts (PLUS other health experts) make when it comes to social media.



MISTAKE 1:  Build it and they will come mentality

I see many health experts falling into this trap:

“If I start a business, people will come to me without any effort on my part because I’m a specialist in functional medicine (or insert your speciality).”


I too  thought that once I got my Functional Medicine Health Coaching Certification, people would come rushing to me and clients would be waiting at my door.


HOWEVER, It’s not enough to say you are a Certified Functional Medicine Expert (or to become a one for that matter).


In reality...


You MUST actively market yourself (in the correct way) to attract clients.


MISTAKE 2: Not sharing anything about YOU or your personal health journey

I get it. It’s so incredibly hard to promote yourself.


I’ve been there myself with my own businesses AND I’ve witnessed it at the start-up FM clinic I previously worked at PLUS I see it all the time with my clients.


When it comes to marketing & sharing who “YOU” are, I see so many amazing health experts not doing this.


Why is this a problem?


IF I don’t know who *YOU* are, how will future clients? The number one reason WHY people buy anything is when they feel an emotional connection to the person, product, or service.


How do you create this connection?

By sharing…

  • The behind the scenes of your life.

  • Your own personal health journey.

  • Your mistakes & wins around your topic of expertise.

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Sharing YOUR story is so, so important because each and every one of us is unique and we ALL have different past experiences, different histories.


And those  stories intimately connect you with those who you’re trying to help.


The world needs YOU.


YOU to impact and changes thousands of lives.




MISTAKE 3:  Falling into the “functional medicine” niche trap

First off, I want to ask you a question..and I want you to take a moment and answer it honestly.


Are you sure that your “target clients” are your ideal audience?


Many times I see functional medicine entrepreneurs admire someone else online who they want to emulate.


And so they end up either consciously or subconsciously mimicking their particular business strategy, niche, or social media strategy. (also been there, done that [and it doesn’t work])


And this is setting you up for failure.


If someone successful is using a particular strategy, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you BECAUSE you have to find your own way.


Each and every successful entrepreneur has their own unique authority formula that work for them and only them...


Yes, you might see initial success and yes there are overlapping trends, but you won’t ever reach your full potential by following someone else


When you’re mimicking someone else, you’re not tapping into your own genius. You’re not using your unique skill set.


For example, one of my clients thought that since she had her functional medicine training, she HAD to talk about functional medicine in the *traditional* sense (think: Mark Hyman’s style of content).


YET that’s not her zone of genius. Instead her zone of genius was a combination of ALL of her experience (functional medicine, yoga therapist, nature lover, menstrual cycle lover…) AND when she started sharing content around this, she found alignment, and better engagement.


MISTAKE 4: Relying on referrals alone

You can’t rely on referrals alone (only if business is booming, and your 100% satisfied --- but if you’re reading this...I’d bet you’re not)


You MUST be marketing yourself.


No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You are not a special snowflake!


And when it comes to marketing, you either need to invest TIME or MONEY.


MISTAKE 5: Trying to save a buck by taking shortcuts

(aka you’re a DIY’er &/or FREEBIE HUNTER)

Do you pride yourself on being a DIY’er.


Someone who can ALWAYS figure something on your own.


Well, if so, I have some bad news for you.


This could be a KEY thing that’s holding back your practice from blossoming into its full potential.


What do I mean by that?

If you spend hours and hours FREEBIE hunting, webinar watching, and googling something to death…


Please tell me how this is moving your business forward?


As a health professional, your expertise is in helping people transform their lives.


Your time is more valuable than that!


And if you don’t value your time, you don’t value yourself. And if you don’t value yourself, your business is not going to grow. End of story


If you don’t feel confident in attracting clients on social media...hire it out.


MISTAKE 6: Sharing other “experts” articles

I see health experts doing this over-and-over again on social media!


Why is this so bad?


1.These types of posts rarely get “good” engagement (liking, commenting, sharing, saving) and ultimately reaching fewer people.


There are only two exceptions for this. One is if you post a current, controversial article PLUS your thoughts on it. (eg. When the AHA made that claim about coconut oil…) OR if you’re sharing a biz bestie’s article to support them.


2.When you share someone else's article, you are…


Sharing other people’s viewpoints more than your own and people follow you because they want to hear YOUR viewpoint...not someone else's.


MISTAKE 7: Not thinking about how your client’s *find* you

Most people when interested in a new service (especially a high-end service like a concierge doc or nutritionist or health coach)...




They want to see how knowledgeable the place/person you are.


So they look up your website, your Facebook page, your IG...and well...they stalk you!


They read every article.


They form an opinion based on that whether or not they deserve your business.


What message are you sending people with your online image??


MISTAKE 8: Relying on your credentials alone

HOW you use those credentials, that knowledge, that expertise is more important than the letters behind your name.


How do you do that???


By consistently sharing with them…

💥YOUR PASSION - What do you do? Who do you help?

💥YOUR WISDOM - How are you different in your market?

💥YOUR STORY - What makes you interesting? How do you relate to your clients?

💥YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS' SUCCESS - Testimonials & more testimonials...




Don’t simply list your credentials on your website and delusionaly assume that people want to see you solely based on that.


MISTAKE 9 : Relying on *traditional* forms of marketing

(MUST read if you’re a brick & mortar business)

If you’re only relying on newspaper ads, radio ads, or postcards to attract new clients to your clinic or health talks because your business coach said it was the *BEST* thing to do...I want to challenge you on that view.


How much are you spending on those ads?


A lot huh?


I know because I’ve worked in a brick and mortar FM start-up clinic.


I know that for a 1-2 week ad set with the top newspaper in our area cost ~$5000 (for only 4 ads…).


And that was only ONE of the ads that we would do in a month.


It adds (like my pun??) up quickly doesn’t it.


Now imagine if you take that $5000 and funnel it into social media marketing (organic & paid) much return do you think you’d see?


I’m guessing you’d see A MASSIVE return for that amount of money (and could potentially rely on that alone…). (My client’s results speak for themselves)



(Please don’t tell me you’ve tried and it doesn’t work...I’d bet you my right hand that you weren’t doing it correctly)


MISTAKE 10: Relying on a “trusted” staff member to take care of your social media accounts

Trying to save money by having one of your staff members take over your social media and post on your behalf?


Not seeing any results?


It’s simply because they aren’t an expert in it. (Even if they tell you they’re “good” at social media).


Why would you place one of your key marketing strategies in the hands of someone who isn’t an expert?


I want you to do a little exercise...


Ask whoever your staff member who is in charge of social media how many hours a week or month they spend on it.


How much are you paying them / month?


Imagine once that’s off their plate how much more they could help you with your practice?


Imagine allotting that amount to an EXPERT who *actually* get’s social media...


Doesn’t that sound like a much smarter move?


So which one(s) are you guilty of?


Want to hand off your social media to experts so you no longer make these results? (and actually get social media to work for you?)


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