Let’s talk post structure

What’s the secret to getting people to read & engage with your posts⁉️

What does a good post look like⁉️

How often should I ask someone to tag a friend⁉️

You will get the answers to all these questions, now!

A good post follows a really simple structure:


Usually the first sentence (or words on the image).

The goal of the hook is to stop the scroll!

To stop the scroll you need to spark an emotion.

Core emotions:

Social Media post structure and how to do it
Hook emotions

To see a good example of a curiosity hook, read the first sentences of this post one more time 😉

📍Extra tip

Do not get frustrated if your posts are not getting all the engagement you want, it takes time for you to craft your hook skills… I am still learning too, it’s a continuous process, let me tell you...)

📍BONUS tip

Google “the best email subject lines” and use them as “templates” to create social media hooks.


After you stopped the scroll with a good hook, it’s time to share the main content of your post.

A good post can be about anything!

But the most successful posts (for health experts) are usually about:

⚡️ Bitesize actionable tips

⚡️ Inspiration

⚡️ Relatable lifestyle insights

📍Extra tip

Remember to add plenty of white space and emojis (like on this post… 🙃).

They are super important because they make your content more “scannable”


After you got the attention & shared your message, it’s now time to ask for an action.

There are many psychology based reasons behind CTAs, but my favorite is:

❗️if you ask people to do a small action, and they do it, then, they are way more likely to do “bigger” things when asked…(you see where this is going 😉)

Some classic CTAs are:

📍”save this post to reference later” (small action)

📍“tag someone who…” (medium action)

📍“book a introductory call with the link in bio…” (big action)

Feel free to let your creative juices flow here as well, but every now and then, use the classics 😉

📍Extra tip

Don’t use a CTA on every single post (you might condition people to stop reading your content all the way to the end…).

I recommend adding a CTA on 2-3 posts per week, depending on your strategy and so on…

Well, that’s it!

Now you know the basic post structure for Social Media!

It’s time to create some content and practice your persuasion skills!

Go on and write a post now while this content is still fresh in your mind 🙌

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me message!📩