6 reasons to invest on Social Media marketing over SEO

Have you ever wasted hundreds - or even thousands, of dollars into search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click ads (PPC)? How did that turn out?

For many people, this was as fruitful as flushing your money down the toilet.

Thankfully, social media is booming in 2019. Now more than ever, social media marketing offers a great alternative to SEO and PPC.

Especially in your niche, social media marketing might be precisely what your business needs.

Here are six ways that social media can give you the edge:


1️⃣ Social media is terrific for building trust

For functional wellness practitioners, trust is everything.

Before someone pays for your services, they want to know that you can help them.

They're making a big decision - and they want to know they chose the right person.

People buy when they see social proof. Real-life comments and testimonials on your social media helps build this trust.

It lets prospects know that you've helped people - just like them.

2️⃣ It's easier to feel a human connection over social media

The last time you looked at a website, did you feel connected with the owner?

Probably not. After all, a website is a static one-way conversation.

Social media exists because people want to communicate with each other. When they comment on your post, and you answer directly to them, it builds a connection

With social media, you can give prospects and customers a way to experience your content over time .

It also lets you show them behind the scenes, which helps them relate to you in a human way.

When you provide someone with content that gives value, they're more likely to remember you. Providing this value day after day makes you unforgettable.

3️⃣ Let THEM do the marketing for you on social media

All social platforms let you share content with a single click .

When you delight someone with the value you provide, they'll share it!

They want to help others with your content, and it makes them look good too.

The best part? You don't pay a penny for this marketing .

4️⃣ Search engines also show social profiles

Google does show social profiles in search results. It’s not as reliable as a website with a massive budget invested in SEO, but it's still works .

If someone searches for your name or a topic, they might see your social profile in the top results.

They can discover your website, content, and brand through your profile. They may even become part of your social media audience!

Free traffic? Heck yes!

5️⃣ Save money with social media

While PPC ads on search engines do work for some types of businesses, they have a problem.

No matter what, you pay for every click.

If someone searches for thyroid problems and clicks on your ad, it doesn't mean they'll become a client. Maybe they were just researching the topic.

Even worse - unless they bookmark your website, they're unlikely to find you ever again.

When done wrong, these wasted costs can add up!

Instead, social media is a one-and-done deal.

Once someone finds you and follows you, they're automatically shown more of your content. No extra hidden fees.

On top of that, it's possible you could invest thousands of dollars in SEO - and have it all instantly taken away.

Search engines like Google often release updates. These differences can instantly stop your traffic.

A change in how they rank your website can take you off the first page overnight.

Most people never search past the first page. All that money spent on SEO is now lost .

Your website joins all the other sites buried deep in the graveyard of forgotten search results.

Time to start over. Oh, and there's no refund.

6️⃣ Social media can start giving results right away. SEO, on the other hand...

You can start seeing results from social media ads within a day.

SEO can take months or even years to begin seeing results. Google and other search engines will wait for months before ranking your content.

If you're up against bigger competitors with more money, it's a lost cause. Your website will never see the light of day.

Google only shows the first ten results on page one - the only page most people look at. 👀 You could spend $500,000 on SEO - but if you don't show on page one, almost nobody will find you.

That sounds like some nerve-wracking nail-biting time while you keep pouring in money and waiting to see if your SEO made the cut!

Thankfully, social media doesn't have these same restrictions.

Instead, social platforms show your ads to people based on your budget. The more you spend, the more the platform will show your ad to prospects - starting right NOW.

As a functional wellness practitioner, social media marketing is an excellent alternative to SEO and PPC. Given the unique needs of your niche, it provides more bang for your buck.

If you have been using your marketing budget on SEO, well maybe it’s time to reconsider it…

If you want to revamp your business online presence, book a free 30-min introductory call to find out how we can you.