3 reasons why your struggling to find your voice on Social Media

One of the things I see the most + hear when I speak to clients one-on-one is that they don’t know how to find and use their voice effectively on social media, website, and overall marketing efforts.


I totally get it. It can be so incredibly frustrating.


Your “voice” is ultimately how you show up online, your brand, and how people connect with you via your online presence.


Lack of voice or not channelling your true voice leads to:


  • Confusion within your audience (they don’t know what you do, how you work with people, etc)

  • Lack of intimate connection between you & your audience (HINT: this is what sells)

  • Looking like everyone else in your respective field / niche


And ultimately… a lack of new clients through your online presence


After pondering for a long time analysing outstanding profiles (& some not-so outstanding ones), reflecting on conversations, and even contemplating on my own journey through business and social media, I’ve identified 3 key missing pieces:

3 reasons why your struggling to find your voice on Social Media.png

So let’s dive deeper into each one 👇


1. Not knowing HOW to differentiate yourself


First off, I want to ask you a question..and I want you to take a moment and answer it honestly.


Are you sure that your “target clients” are your ideal audience?


Many times I see functional medicine practitioners, health coachs, and other health experts turned entrepreneurs admire someone else online who they want to emulate.


And so they end up either consciously or subconsciously mimicking their particular business strategy, niche, or social media strategy. (also been there, done that [and it doesn’t work])


And this is setting you up for failure.


If someone successful is using a particular strategy, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you BECAUSE you have to find your own way.


Each and every successful entrepreneur has their own unique authority formula that work for them and only them...


Yes, you might see initial success and yes there are overlapping trends, but you won’t ever reach your full potential by following someone else


When you’re mimicking someone else, you’re not tapping into your own genius. You’re not using your unique skill set.


For example, one of my clients thought that since she had her functional medicine training, she HAD to talk about functional medicine in the *traditional* sense (think: Mark Hyman’s style of content).


YET that’s not her zone of genius. Instead her zone of genius was a combination of ALL of her experience (functional medicine, yoga therapist, nutritionist, nature lover, menstrual cycle lover…) AND when she started sharing content around this, she found alignment, and better engagement.


2. Being scared to show up authentically online


Showing up authentically online often means breaking out of your comfort zone.


And what I see happening so often is that you, aren’t sharing anything personal about you or your health journey (everyone has their own health journey...don’t tell me you haven’t)


And I get it. It’s so incredibly hard to promote yourself (I used to struggle with this too).


And often it stems from being afraid that someone in your life might disagree, be upset with you, or challenge you on you ideas. OR that whatever you hit “publish” on has to be perfect. OR you’re afraid that if you put yourself ‘out there’ you’ll fail (yup I said the big fat F word…).


I’ve been there myself with my own businesses AND I’ve witnessed it at the start-up FM clinic I previously worked at PLUS I see it all the time with my clients and social media profiles I analyze on a daily basis.


And when you’re too scared to share your authentic self, this becomes a MAJOR problem.




IF I don’t know who *YOU* are, how will future clients?


The number one reason WHY people buy anything is when they feel an emotional connection to the person, product, or service.


Sharing YOUR story is so, so important because each and every one of us is unique and we ALL have different past experiences, different histories.


And those stories intimately connect you with those who you’re trying to help.


The world needs YOU.


YOU to impact and changes thousands of lives.




3. Lack of confidence / Imposter syndrome (aka feeling not good enough to make an impact)


The comparison game.


It’s hard when you constantly see your idols just killin’ in their social media game.


And it can make you feel like you know ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.


And like a total failure.

And inferior.

And like you need yet another certification to *finally* be able to help people.


And when this happens you start…

  • Using jargon that you would never use to make yourself sound more intelligent

  • Sharing other experts posts / articles

  • Hiding behind stereotypical posts that your industry overuses

Ultimately when you do this your sharing other people’s viewpoints more than your own and people follow you because they want to hear YOUR viewpoint...not someone else's.




So how do you actually overcome 1 or all 3 of the above problems to find your voice so that your message …

  • Stands out from the crowd and allows your unique core area of expertise to shine through (YES - you’re already an expert and NO you probably don’t need that extra certification…)
  • Makes a deep personal connection with your audience / following
  • Exudes confidence!


Share with your audience:

💥YOUR PASSION - What do you do? Who do you help?

💥YOUR STORY - What makes you interesting? How do you relate to your clients?

💥YOUR WISDOM - How are you different in your market?


How do to start using your OWN voice on Social Media the fastest way possible????


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