Hi, I’m Melanie!


I help ambitious health entrepreneurs

stand out on social media!





As a health expert turned entrepreneur

you often have these soul sucking thoughts

when it comes to promoting yourself on social media


- Where do I start? How do I know what to post? When should I be posting? 

- How do I find time to do this between client visits, running a successful business, and spending time with my family? 

- How are all these “influencers” without EXPERT knowledge and training getting all the attention? 

- I swear a new algorithm change comes out each week…how do I keep up? 

- I don’t want to be salesy and non-authentic. I just want to be myself, but being myself is clearly not working…WHAT DO I DO?!


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I use my unique experiences as a(n)...


  • Office Manager at a start-up Functional Medicine Clinic 

  • Certified Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Health Coach

  • Community Health Program Developer

  • Online persuasion & communication strategist 


... to create Unique content...


for health experts to stand out on social media, so they can:

  • Impact more lives

  • Experience more success

  • Discover time to do the things they love


learn how to market yourself on Social Media


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The way I see it, you have 3 options to change this...


1. Continue to bang your head against the wall in excruciating agony trying to make social media work for you. 

2. Spend countless hours watching and reading thousands of “expert” articles and then have analysis paralysis, not knowing how implement the info to make it work for you. 

3. Hire someone to do it for you so it’s off your (and your overwhelmed staff’s) todo list once and for all (so you can focus on the stuff you’re actually good at). 


Which OPTION are you going to take?


If it’s #3 and you’re ready to revolutionize your social media, and finally STAND OUT as the EXPERT .... you’re in the right spot. 


Nothing feels more fulfilling than helping other health experts promote their message wide and far, so together we can change the world one life at a time.