Hi, I’m Melanie!


I help ambitious health entrepreneurs

stand out on social media!





As a health expert turned entrepreneur

you often have these soul sucking thoughts

when it comes to promoting yourself on social media


- Where do I start? How do I know what to post? When should I be posting? 

- How do I find time to do this between client visits, running a successful business, and spending time with my family? 

- How are all these “influencers” without EXPERT knowledge and training getting all the attention? 

- I swear a new algorithm change comes out each week…how do I keep up? 

- I don’t want to be salesy and non-authentic. I just want to be myself, but being myself is clearly not working…WHAT DO I DO?!


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I use my unique experiences as a(n)...


  • Office Manager at a start-up Functional Medicine Clinic 

  • Certified Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Health Coach

  • Community Health Program Developer

  • Online persuasion & communication strategist 


... to create Unique content...


for health experts to stand out on social media, so they can:

  • Impact more lives

  • Experience more success

  • Discover time to do the things they love


learn how to market yourself on Social Media